My name is Dane, I’m a Web Developer and UI/UX Designer from Rugby, Warwickshire in the UK.

Dane Bridgman - Web Dude


I’ve been coding and designing for the web for around 7 years now, and have been working the past 4 years with an awesome team of developers at an agency called wkdcode. My main daily drivers are HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Though my tech stack is constantly changing, my current focus is on React.js, Node and a sprinkling of WordPress.

When I’m not working or dabbling in my own side projects, I’m a keen illustrator, I love lifting heavy things, running through muddy puddles, going to rock/metal gigs and gaming.

What I Do

Web Development

Web development is the foundation in which I work, I strive to produce silky smooth, performative websites and apps. I approach my craft with a sharp eye for detail, and an unabated amount of enthusiasm. All this culminates in clean and concise codebases.

UI/UX Design

Truly great design helps clients tell their story, I have a big passion for helping create that narrative. Beautiful aesthetics and subtle details, with a user centric awareness lies at the heart of my design philosophy. I aim to make my websites accessible to everyone.

My manifesto

Always the right tools

You wouldn't use a chainsaw to cut an apple in half, I apply the same principles to my code and design. No bloat here!

Always fresh & tasty

I never resort to using pre built themes or templates. All projects are unique, so why should it’s codebase be any different?

Always have a plan

No matter the scale of the build, I believe you must always have a plan of action so you can have confidence in your project.

Want to kick some arse together?

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